Monday, January 18, 2010

Shamanic flying and diving to deep sea, scaly-footed gastropodic dreams

Grand Albatros à KerguelenImage by dimidam via Flickr

Human beings continue to learn exoskeleton technology from animal companions.

Today on I reported research by MIT materials scientists on the scaly-foot snail, Crysomallon squamiferum, as a model for improving military armor.

Scaly-Foot's three-layered shell, unlike other natural or man-made exoskeletons, allows it to survive a crab's powerful, tenacious (possibly week-long) vise-like squeeze. Scaly-Foot diffuses the mechanical energy of Crab's grip into the ocean waves.

Living in deep, predator-filled, highly acidic waters near heat-blasting hydrothermal vents in the Indian Ocean, Scaly-Foot has grown adept at dissipating the natural, ongoing energy-patterns of everyday challenges and expert at preserving what matters most.

Tonight I will shamanic journey to this extraordinary gastropod's wise spirit (within Spirit) seeking protective assistance for peaceful, life-improving or adventurous purposes to balance the combat applications. Albatross and Penguin will wing and dive me parts of the way.

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