Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meteoric shamanic journey return

2009 Leonid Meteor (cropped, afterglow closeup)Image by Navicore via Flickr

After a deep sea shamanic encounter, a wild space ride:

I dream-dived two-and-one-half miles down into the Kairei Indian hydrothermal vent field in the central Indian Ocean to interview Crysomallon squamiferum the scaly-foot gastropod with the unique, extra-tough, three-layered shell. Scaly Foot is teaching materials scientists to build invincible armored suits and vehicles.

The iron-clad, cushion-padded snail's spirit presented me with an old, dented but whole, abandoned shell, whose original inhabitant had shapeshifted. This rare, simple gift represented psychological assistance for growing thicker skin and stronger courage, as well as soul wound healing and ongoing protection for all in my world who desire it.

After giving thanks and heading back, I found myself returning from the non-ordinary ocean floor to ordinary reality upon a spiritual meteoroid.

I wondered. What happens if a spirit-asteroid (or comet) collides with Earth?

In this dream-ride I sat upon a tremendous chunk of salt crystal. I could see ahead, somehow, that our course would graze the sun and glide by Earth.

As we coasted between Earth and the Moon, Albatross flew out to meet me and winged me the rest of the way home.

When I gazed up, I saw the meteor flash. The snail shell sparkled and gleamed in shades and tints of blue on the palm of my hand.

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