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Shamanic view of the differences between Super Foods & Healing Foods

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What are the differences between Super Foods and Healing Foods?

From a complementary and alternative medicine perspective, Super Foods (often called Superfoods) are recommended for almost everyone as preventative medicine. Eating Superfoods often is thought or theorized to ward off many diseases at once and even slow aging processes.

Super Foods help promote health and wellness in general.

Healing Foods may also be Superfoods and vice versa -- the two categories overlap often.

But herbalists and other complementary and alternative health (and folk medicine) practitioners, as well as some medical doctors, may recommend specific herbs, vegetables and fruits (and potentially any food) as healing foods, to help treat or prevent specific ailments or conditions.

As a neighborhood and internet shamanic practitioner, often I request from spirit and spirits an inclusive list of Superfoods and Healing Foods. However this is done on a case by case basis, treating each request as unique to the space-time-spirit situation (here/now moment) at hand.

I journey or dream on a particular intention, to receive a long list of foods that are preventative and beneficial in general, for an individual's shift towards healthier diet choices, and for a shorter list of edible interventions, just for h/er relief from specific health troubles.

This food shamanizing usually happens after an initial shamanic journey or dream has shown me what kinds of further help from spirit and spirits to seek.

Both food lists almost always expand into a third category that I will call "shamanic foods" (though I do not mean to generate another technical term or enduring bit of jargon).

Shamanic foods, for me, are (health and wellness promoting) Superfoods and Healing Foods (specific natural remedies) given by spirit and spirits especially for -- and perhaps, at lest temporarily, only for -- the individual and intention that is appearing before me, requesting assistance.

Shamanic foods and the instructions for their use might or might not follow -- or might include but expand upon -- other guidelines published by alternative and complementary or folk or standard medical model healers.

The shamanic foods on the lists I receive are almost always found or grown locally.

Often the consuming of shamanic foods (which may also be Superfoods and/or Healing Foods) is sacramental -- a tangible, outer, ordinary-realty grounding of invisible, inner, non-ordinary blessing and spiritual healing effects.

Circles and loopholes -- and major shifts -- can happen!

Shamanic food remedies begin as interventions for one here/now situation.

However, if I later shamanic journey or dream over a situation that appears similar to me, and feel moved to ask of spirit and spirits, "Can you help this trouble the way you helped with so-and-so's problem before?" I might receive an OK to use the same shamanic food again, and even start using it as a shamanic intervention to offer to others before dreaming or journeying for specifics.

This is true for me for all shamanic interventions.

Also, I have been spiritually counseled that when two or three (or more) companions gather (becoming "the circle") and invoke any remedy from spirit and spirits that they can remember, through any method of prayer and meditation, it will be effective.

I understand that this works because the universe operates according to (and as) the formula of two and three (or more) agreeing as and becoming one.

Effectiveness always varies according to the free-will, attitudes and life-vibrations of all involved, from the least to greatest, in all realms of reality.

So all levels of minuscule to humongous and subtle to obvious shifts happen on earth and in heavens (and between) -- some of each -- in an instant, a year, a decade or a century or longer.

I have also been been told, that even if the gut, heart and mind (and soul) of a single individual agrees over a matter of concern, this universal formula activates a cosmic loophole.

So the potential and possibilities of any situation (and all beings beings within it, according to their free-will and living vibes) can expand, through spiritual circle-action, beyond the limits of all categories and lists.

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