Sunday, December 27, 2009

Neighborhood shamanism is universal

My unfinished business on the Net, 2009:

In March I began constructing a shamanic teaching website/ebook called, linked to Squidoo lenses. This project continues through the lenses, but I have closed the website and given up the domain. My understanding keeps changing, so much of the content needs revision and lenses serve the purpose better than a static website.

What I am calling neighborhood shamanism differs from all published traditional and contemporary interpretations of shamanic ways, including Core Shamanism and other (Michael) Harner-style approaches. But any single neighborhood shamanism may overlap one or more of the world's (diverse, individual or collective) shamanisms, and will interconnect with all of them, somehow.

In my dream, each neighborhood shamanism is specific to one shaman (preferably written with a small "s"), who may work in any field, under any title, who lives to bridge the non-ordinary and ordinary realms of reality within h/er closest community, for the benefit of self, neighborhood and all.  All life purposes center around bridging spirit and matter to shift life towards the best.

Every neighborhood includes the subatomic to gigantic and the particular to collective--backwards and forwards through time and radiating through all directions of space.

S/he draws upon many sources, from any bailiwick.

S/he may be inspired by other shamanisms and encouraged by other shamans, locally and worldwide, though inward spiritual and outward physical teaching. Teaching is experiential, open-ended and ongoing.

I envision an unceasing, unbounded circle of circles, voluntarily and individualistically uniting all neighborhood shamans, of every when and where--mostly unknown, non-famous and unpublished--coiling and spiraling, weaving and manifesting an ever shapeshifting, world-helping Universal Shamanism.

More unfinished projects and unmet goals:

I have changed the purpose (and URL) of my LiveJournal blog, a permanent paid account which was inactive from August until now. As soon as I decide upon a look I like, this journal will be dedicated to freelance writing and freelance anything--my experiences and general information and resources--as well as to any topic I happen to be wondering over, researching or keeping for future reference.

Also I am still getting around to deleting or hiding unused web presences, fun experiments I initiated, but have abandoned, along my Net adventure.  Any seldom-visited profiles, listserves and other websites that require updating to remain accurate or useful will disappear (or be forwarded to one of the "keepers") soon.

The goal is a short-list of several places where I post daily or weekly.

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