Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shamanic, symbolic meaning of crystal glasses and glass

Broken Glass, Window Tint, LeavesImage by Rich Anderson via

Throughout summer and now, into this autumn, I have collected shards of pottery and glass to arrange within the rock garden I began keeping last spring, outside the back door.

Clear, green, and brown bits of glass are the easiest to find. Blue, red and pink are rarer treasures.

Interpretations of color meanings are easy to find on the Net. I like to add "in the moment" meanings, as I am guided by spirit and spirits.

The tiniest fragments, including the sparkly jewels of car window safety glass, intermingle with red and black chunks of lava. I place larger glass chips sharp-side down, well out of the way of paws and feet, on either side of a meeting place for fancy, multicolored river stones and plainer gray to pale limestone and agate street-found rocks.

Broken or shattered containers remind me of alchemical processes finishing up and releasing new energy flows and patterns into the universe. Next, I remember and wonder over the Big Bang (or Bounce or Shift) itself.

Also, I am attracted to brokenness for the openness it brings--and for the damage to any pretense of perfection it assures.

Yesterday, another kind of broken glass presented itself. I found broken green, purple and clear lead crystal goblets scattered around a dumpster!

Cups have always carried deep meanings. Again, the shattering of them is usually creative and re-creative.

I am keeping these sharp, intensely scintillating splinters hidden within a covered baking pot in the sanctuary, while I shamanic journey and dream on their mythic or symbolic meanings.

I shall reflect a while, then wait and watch for clear or refracted messages to shine or glint.

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