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Where does the healing power of gems come from?

The healing power of gems may never be proven scientifically because it is the metaphysical or symbolic properties of semi-precious and precious stones that are invoked as complementary and alternative medicine remedies.


The healing power of gems may be stirred up through personal, traditional, or published correspondences in numerology, sacred geometry, and astrology. Or combine shamanic methods with all or none of the above.

Shamanic Ways

To touch the healing power of minerals and crystals directly through shamanic experience, journey or dream into each gem or its representation in memory, imagination, or art. Shamanize to get to know the spirit of each stone.

Then shamanic journey or dream on a healing or beneficial change intention for yourself and others.


Bring the healing power of gemstones into your mind, heart, and gut by meditating, through your favorite method. When you are full of healing power, circulate it through your soul and body, then radiate it outwards into your world.


Create a shape with your healing crystals and stones, incorporating numerological, geometrical, and astrological associations, or not, as you are nudged by spirit and spirits. When ready, lie down within it for a shamanic journey, dream, or meditation on the healing or transformation you desire.

Or, lay the stones down in a smaller configuration on your altar or within other sacred space. Let this shape remain there for a while or disperse it right away, according to the nature and particulars of your prayer intention and how you are guided.


Gems and stones are beings in the shamanic way of relating to life and the universe. When you need two or three to agree in prayer or shamanizing, they can be there for you!

Imagine that crystals and rocks are friendly ambassadors from the realm of the divine within, carrying healing gifts from heaven on earth.

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