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What are the healing properties of Chalcopyrite crystals?

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Crystal healing intuition-sheet on Chalcopyrite:

Chalcopyrite crystals are credited with diverse healing properties in folklore, metaphysics and alternative medicine, though medical science attributes reported improvements from crystal healing to the placebo effect.


The metallic mineral Chalcopyrite (CuFeS2 or Copper Iron Sulfide, also known as Bornite) is commonly called Peacock Ore because its dark golden or brassy luster often shines with purple and green iridescent highlights. Chalcopyrite belongs to the tetragonal crystal system but occurs most often in massive form. It is an important source of copper.


In folk medicine Chalcopyrite is suggested for hair loss prevention and as a remedy for throat, bronchial, lung, and brain ailments.

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In metaphysics Chalcopyrite is associated with developing and deepening inner vision, freeing stuck spiritual and vital energy patterns, and grounding meditation, prayer and exercise.

Alternative Medicine

Healing properties of Chalcopyrite in alternative medicine include fever and inflammation reduction, DNA repair, and the protection of crystal and energy healers during sessions.


The elemental components of Chalcopyrite reveal a restorative alchemical process. Copper, associated with Venus, female energies and creativity, joins iron, the symbol of Mars, male energies and strength. Both are acted upon by sulfur, representing fusion within the Sun, radiant expansion of life and the soul’s transcendence of opposites.


Chalcopyrite comes from the ancient Greek words khalkos (meaning copper) and pyrites (meaning fire striking stone). This etymology points to additional life transformation processes–containing, conducting, and igniting.

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