Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shamanic Dreaming a Dragon

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Last night I dreamed strange basement noises! I woke up to visions and imaginings of a bright green dragon thrashing and thumping down there.

This building's basement is nicknamed 'the dungeon' by the property management company's maintenance staff. Once I recommended charging tourists admission for 15 minute tours of it as a House of Horrors.

The stairway down is under a padlocked outside crawlspace door under my back window. I have a key just in case I need to get to the circuit breaker panel.

I knew I had dreamed and imagined the green dragon as a shamanic experience. But, of course, this morning I ventured down into 'the dungeon' to investigate anyway.

Everything seemed as usual - a dim, dank, musty, labyrinthine mess. Shifting into a light trance I wandered through the cluttered rooms, blurring my eyes on purpose, tilting my head leftwards and rightwards, sneaking side glances all around.

But nothing jumped out at me or struck me as unusual. Just as I was about to climb back upstairs I was drawn towards the northeast corner directly under my sanctuary.

Then I spotted a cardboard box I had never noticed before, all by itself, up high on a built-in storage shelf. Coat hangers and papers were sticking out and it did not look interesting enough to bother with.

The business tenants of this building do not use the basement for storage. So I supposed this box had been left behind by a previous occupant of my space, which is leased as an apartment to allow this historic building to keep its 'mixed use' zoning (advantageous to the owner, somehow).

I reached up and over the side and pulled out college course notes about plate tectonics and a geology textbook, and then felt a bumpy, pottery-type surface. When I tugged this irregular object out, I was delighted to find myself holding a bright green 8 by 5 inch ceramic dragon!

Maybe last nights dream-commotion was this shiny mini-dragon in the basement, signaling its desire to reside in the sanctuary room instead of under it!

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