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The original shamans didn't...


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LAST very long! They were soon assimilated or forgotten, then seemingly seamlessly replaced by the ordinary shamans who we call shamans today. The original shamans didn't...

  1. Bow to authorities
  2. Stick to old stories

This is why whatever shamanic teachings you receive through books, DVDs, workshops, gatherings, apprenticeships, mentoring, courses, and any of the ways that shamanism is - that is, that shamanic ways or shamanisms are - passed on are really, mostly or partly shamanistic, meaning not quite shamanic (not quite meaning 'almost but not quite' all the way to 'not by quite a lot'). The original shamans have all been magnified by space-time then stuffed into spacey-timeless myths, or they are perfectly unknown in this world, lost to consciousness through history's mists.

The original shamans are universal yet singular, living in the neighborhood but are not of it. The original shamans are NOT the keepers of stories - they receive and keep stories only in order to be the shifters of stories and the dreamers of new stories.

Many of the original shamans drew followers even though they kept saying "Go away now! Go on, go YOUR way. Go be your own shaman!" Except that the original shamans hadn't heard of the word shaman.

Many of today's ordinary shamans suppose that they are already living and representing the secret circle of the original shamans. But supposing is sub-posing, placing under, and that's just another kind of shaman-istic.

Shamanistic is as far as you get on the way of the shaman if you insist upon bowing to authorities and sticking to old stories - regardless of how many shaman-techniques you learn and initiations you receive, no matter how powerful these are. And shamanistic can be life healing and transforming enough, for now - or not.

If it's not...then DREAM an original shaman, within yourself, and dream your ceremony of giving away all your stories, and dream your next step after giving up on all your sources of authority. Then forget it and shift on. Or shift on and forget it. (Repeat this as necessary.).

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