Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shamanic journey to the everyday world of your dreams and hopes!

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Here is a shamanic journey my circle is taking: First clear and ground yourself in your usual, favorite way(s) - incense, herbal bath, nature walk, or however you do it. Open your sacred space-time circle and non-ordinary travel portal expectantly.

Rattle, drum, sing, and dance a while. This activates dreaming, enthusing, speaking, and taking steps and resonates everything into one inter-flowing whole.

Imagine yourself in your safe, spiritual non-ordinary middle worlds haven and departure nature-scape. Travel from there (through the conduit of your choice) to the lower realms and request assistance of a trusted spirit helper. The intention of this shamanic adventure is finding and experiencing and empowering in the spiritual world, the physical world we wish, hope, and desire to leave future generations of earth children.

Be guided and challenged by spirit and spirits to this potential new world as it exists as pure potential. Meet and get acquainted with at least one spirit being within it. Ask what to shift about yourself and your particular little bit of the present world to help bring the desired world into ordinary reality as soon as possible. Look for and receive a symbolic, potent gift to bring on the next stage of this excursion.

This symbolic gift spirit-power container might be given to you in a natural or abstract form - a rock or stick, perhaps, or a geometrical ornament. Receive this gift and thank all beings.

Then journey to the upper realms and request assistance around this intention from a trusted spirit helper there. Ask to see possibilities - an array of beings and events changing the world for the better, into the potential new world you dreamed in the lower worlds. Allow the spiritual energy-flows of these visions to sweep-away the power-gift you carried up.

Then, thank all beings, and accompanied by all of your helping spirits, return to your sacred departure place and sit in circle waiting - calm and relaxed. When your possibility-infused gift drops into the center of your circle, rejoice and give thanks and return to your ordinary-reality circle and rattle, drum, sing, and dance yourself back to everyday consciousness.

Jot down details and make a list of self-changes and steps to begin living your new world. Sleep on this shamanic journey overnight - no need to remember any night-dreams about it (but OK if you do). This is a way to plant the dream-seeds of potential, possibility, and power you brought back in your spirit-gift. Another way to activate your gift is creative and/or expressive art-play.

Then begin making these envisioned self and local changes, one by one, day by day.

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