Friday, August 14, 2009

Shamanic imagining is another way of getting REAL

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Are shamanic ways imaginary? When I emphasize imagination in shamanic practice it might seem as if I am debunking shamanizing. Well, one person's debunking can be another person's enthusing.

I used to suppose I could categorize my shamanic shifting alongside the traditionalists, new-agers, esoterists, occultists, complementary and alternative medicine practitioners, and shamanistic or earth spirituality and religion participants. These are the directory categories where websites associated with me are still listed, because while I was signing up there seemed no other fitting category for my interpretation of contemporary shamanism.

As healing and transformational as (most of) these other types of practices can be, not much of any of what is listed in the paragraph above is what I am doing and intending now. Less and less of it relates or even resonates with my current shamanic practices.

I am not about to (futilely attempt to) redo directory listings around the web. Link directories are almost obsolete now anyway, and my old links will probably be way at the bottom of a way-back page by now.

I stopped signing up for new online directory listings anywhere a while ago. Nowadays I am making sure my webpages reflect clearly what I do and don't do, even while my understandings continue to shift, so whether folks find me through from an old listing or a social network profile they can read my newest view. (Ceremonial officiating and ministerial services listings are easier because my ministering is, and is likely to stay, very earth-religion - and almost any-religion - friendly.)

For me shamanic ways are 96% Art - Performance Art - in synergy with many expressive and creative arts. Shamanic ways can also be a combination of prayer, meditation, and healthy living but for me those are beneficial side-effects.

I tell anyone who asks these days that shamanizing is mostly (non-ordinary) dreaming and imagining flowing into purposeful (ordinary yet extraordinary) resonant embodying: dramatically expressing one's inner shaman-artist's faithful, hopeful visions and CHOICES of new, better life on earth, from the inside-out, with one's heaven-on-earthly self as the message-incarnate, though individual, singular, original multi-media costumed story, song, and dance performing. The shaman uses show and even sham on purpose, and the people know this, and go with the fun-flow on purpose, too.

This is how I shamanize and teach. I do acknowledge and respect many other understandings, interpretations, and practices of the 'way of the shaman' - even as I part company with most. And, as I have written often, just because I am calling shamanic ways imaginary and artistic does not mean I am saying they aren't real. Imaginary and pretend are powerfully real and wondrously reality-shifting when play (or the play) is on purpose, in my experience.

What about the other 6%? Well, for today, for the fun of it, I'll say that the rest is mostly Science(s) with a dash of the universe's own mysterious, trade-secret blend of ordinary (scientific) and non-ordinary (mythic) whole-greater-than-the-sum-of-its-parts CHAOS!

Topic change: Please visit some of my Squidoo lenses, where I am continuing my self-education, selling some stuff, honoring favorite places, and more! Many of them are new, opened so I could keep adding on, and all are undergoing continuing polishing.

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