Tuesday, August 04, 2009

My online retired blogging companions shapeshifted!

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Wow, big shapeshifts have happened recently! I have been doing my best to let go, live the fun, and keep on my shamanic way, shapeshifting along, adjusting to these drastic yet not unexpected changes.

Soon I will be removing the links to my (former) blogging companions' blogs (and listserves), allowing those sites to rest in peace but remain on the web as archives and memorials as long as the servers allow. I embrace the internet and they - named on the net Rezzee, Crabbee, Alan, Sharon, Tom, and L.C. (son of Teal and Chammy) and Sharandet (L.C.'s wife now) - tried blogging and social networking and cyber-shamanizing, then variously realized they didn't like it after the novelty wore off.

Now they have shapeshifted their shamanic circle offline into a new kind of cloistered yet close-together scattered site spiritual intentional community, that exists, nameless and unnoticed and un-sectarian at the edges (shamanic fringes?) of an ordinary reality community, somewhere not so far from here. I have agreed not to tell those spacetime coordinates.

This move rattled and drummed around then sang and danced to life out of an enduring dream shared around our circle for quite a while. But, even though I have kept daily and seasonal prayer cycles for years, I know the cloistered life is not for me (yet, anyhow).

Via snail mail I send lists of intentions for shamanizing. I receive reports about once a month (and ongoing support). We shamanic-dream as a circle often, still.

The other big shapeshift: Elders Teal and Chammy both shapeshifted from earth life into universal LIFE earlier this summer by dying of 'natural causes' a few weeks apart, both well over 90 years old, healthy for almost all of their days. For the last few years we have not been able to visit in person very often but I do still miss their earthy presences!

These two wonderful shapeshifts are interconnected directly, which is why so many changes have happened almost at once. I was stunned and grief-stricken by so many life-shifts in such a short period even while I was ecstatic, even though I consider it all GOOD NEWS.

I suppose this paradoxically ecstatic grieving is the main reason why my blogging all but stopped - and so soon after I had gotten off into an enthused, fresh, energized 'starting over' much earlier in the year. I am ready to get back to it now, though.

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