Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Shamanic Shifting Fireworks

_MG_7326.JPGImage by milesizz via Flickr

Fire-works, over water, bursting in air, bouncing off bluffs and buildings:

Several thrilling fireworks displays energized Milwaukee's east side lakeshore lands around me. I listened from the back porch, taking breaks from my office transformation project.

The deep, resonant, shocking vibrations, lights, and colors reflected and reverberated all around and within. It felt like I was getting an extreme healing, cleansing, radical elemental night spa treatment.

So at the Friday, July 3 circle, I shamanic journeyed for more of my own inside-out life-shifting, purposeful, beautiful, spiritual explosions. This is a shamanic journey I will take periodically.

In everyday reality fireworks are dangerous fun. For many fireworks are frightening and disturbing, even panic-attack triggering un-fun, or unwelcome reminders of warfare, destruction, and death. Folks are injured and even killed every year 'playing' with firecrackers, bottle rockets, and the like. Even expert pyro-technicians lose limbs or lives setting up, practicing or putting on the public displays.

So a shamanic journey for fireworks isn't for everyone! On this adventure my internal fireworks were predominantly green and red and appeared to be arising from a barge that was sailing towards me over the calmest waters I have ever seen. After I returned to ordinary-reality I drew a picture and improvised a dance to activate and remember the energy-shifts that I know happened and are happening still.

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