Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shamanic Journey For My Mouse Neighbors

Mouse rescued from the catImage by Bob & Jane via Flickr

I had been wondering when an exterminator would arrive to kill rodents in the building. It happened last week.

Psychotherapists and psychiatrists with offices here were reporting unscheduled mouse consultations, happening in broad daylight. Tortoise Cat was playing nightly with one catfood-craving mouse buddy. The other mice were staying away from our space, probably because Tortoise Cat is a skilled, clever hunter.

I assured the exterminator that Tortoise Cat had our territory covered, then shamanic journeyed to do what beneficial reality-shifting I could. I met up with Chameleon in the non-ordinary lower-realm forest where we usually confer then we headed back up to this middle-world and descended into this office building's basement.

Mouse soon joined us there for a chat. Mouse thanked me for my concern, but amazed me with the news that the mice know how to use the exterminator's poisoned traps as an opportunity to shapeshift directly through the middle-world! So everything is going according to DREAM.

Furthermore, some of the mice, including the Tortoise Cat's play buddy, had simply crept stealthily to another nearby safer location. Mouse instructed me that this longstanding cycle helps shuffle habits, keeps complacency away, re-balances (and strengthens) the urban mouse populations, and restores a pinch of re-creative quirky chaos to life for them and for all.

Tortoise Cat might miss her play sessions with Mousy but she seems to understand the wisdom of these ways.

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