Monday, July 20, 2009

Fortune Cookie Shamanic Journey

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Now and then I shamanic-journey the middle world with fortune cookies! I never take this spiritual quest the same way twice.

As with all shamanic navigation I never go without a genuine, heartfelt intention after consecrating sacred space-time around me. Next, I open a box of fortune cookies and select one for each sacred direction and lay them out before me. I usually include 8 compass points plus the center, but more or fewer travel directions can be used, as you are guided by Spirit and Spirits.

For me the directions are verbs, sets of inner alchemical processes with many associations. So I plan this shamanic journey's itinerary to resonate with the intention I am seeking assistance with.

If my quest intention has more to do with health, vitality, finances, luck, skill, or other practical matters I begin by seeking out a familiar shamanic helper from the lower-worlds. If my intention has more to do with wisdom, knowledge, or understanding I begin by seeking an upper-worlds shamanic guide. Often I enlist the protection and guidance from both the lower-worlds and upper-worlds.

Then I allow myself to be guided around the directions of the middle-world, seeking a non-ordinary fortune cookie in each. The non-ordinary fortune cookies I find are usually made of an alloy of sacred metals and are usually decorated with a symbol which I do my best to study and remember before adding each cookie to my bag or pocket or crystal and continuing along the way.

The shamanic middle-world(s) can be confounding but with help and guidance from Spirit and Spirits and this relatively simple task of collecting a non-ordinary fortune cookie for each sacred direction I have decided to visit I almost always stay on track. Between directions obstacles loom, however.

It has happened that I have had to make more than one shamanic journey. This shamanic journey can be completed in any number of sessions - such as one session for each direction if this proves necessary.

After I have visited all the directions where I have placed a fortune cookie I return to ordinary-reality and jot down the story of the shamanic journey before I forget it, especially the symbols (if any) on the non-ordinary fortune cookies and/or any shapeshifting I observed or other changes in the cookies or messages I received, all according to what I experienced. These details are all parts of the 'answer' and assistance from Spirit and Spirits for this shamanic journey's intention.

Then I eat the cookies for each direction in the same order as I traveled through non-ordinary reality to gather them. I lay out the ordinary reality fortunes before me and sing them in a song and create and dance a dance to go with it.

You may create a picture or other artifact, instead of or in addition to the song and dance, around an overall theme suggested by the non-ordinary and ordinary fortune cookies. This is to give thanks and to ground and activate the spiritual shifts of this shamanic journey into life in this world.

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