Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shamanic ways for solving everyday troubles & widening wellness

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I am a neighborhood and universal modern shaman (with a small 's') who stands aside from a lot of things. I do my best to stay centered on my purpose - helping anyone I can - and usually I steer clear of, and journey WAY around, a lot of energy draining controversy.

Staying centered, while sanding aside, while steering around - yet pausing at breathtaking edges now and then - gets easier and funner now that I have developed the knack into a shamanic dance-habit. Of course, writing about it breaks this healthy habit, briefly.

I practice shamanic ways and hypnotic ways for self-change aside from any and all western medical (also called allopathic) diagnoses and interventions - and aside from most New Age and other kinds or schools of complements or alternatives as well. I chose - years ago - to work under my ministerial and consulting hypnotist credentials rather than my (still valid, for the record) Wisconsin licensed clinical social worker credential. And I shrink away from, without opposing or attempting to debunk (though I have my doubts), much of what is often called complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) as well.

Because: Given any being or situation calling for help and change, I have found, over many years of practice, that when motivation, attitude, healthy lifestyle choices, and everyday troubleshooting are shamanized and/or addressed through hypnosis and related techniques such as self-hypnosis, guided imagery, relaxation, storytelling, and more, MAJOR life-shifts for the better happen, all without and beyond pathologizing what comes before me under any type of terminology.

This 'everyday help for ordinary problems' approach can complement most, if not all, standard, government-licensed medical or mental-health, but is not offered as a replacement for any of it. And this simplifying, ordinary-reality centered approach can complement most complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) as well. But as intentions go, complementing is near the bottom of my top 10.

I do not offer shamanic or hypnotic ways as complements or alternatives to anything. The methods I practice work best to change ordinary rather than pathological trouble patterns. Still, I hear back that beginning and ending with activating and enhancing wellness brings remarkable, lasting relief and renewal.

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