Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Shamanic session = I facilitate YOUR shamanic journey!

Shamanic Shift Center Sanctuary - November 17 - 13Image by Shamanic Shift via Flickr

As a neighborhood and universal shaman I can shamanic-journey on behalf of others, but my aim and emphasis is teaching and facilitating interior voyages for the knowledge and power to self- and reality-shift on purpose. Shamanic Shift Center is designed and kept as a portal for connecting to Spirit, and many find it to be a trance activating place. 'Hanging out' here for a while of interacting with the rocks, crystals, essential oils, art-play materials, books, percussion instruments, divination and meditation cards, theme shrines, and more, can be waking, awakening shamanic experience by itself.

Within this portal environment, I can share many older and newer ways and means to psychonavigate within, towards powerful new dreams and patterns, so you can bring back your own re-creative stories and energy-flows of change for the better. Besides drumming, chanting, dance, storytelling, and other adapted, universal shamanic ways, I facilitate soul travel with modern methods of consciousness-shifting, such as self-hypnosis and guided imagery.

There are as many ways to shamanic journey as there are spiritual adventurers. As with all prayer and meditation treatments, all the spiritual healing and transforming is accomplished by Spirit and Spirits, as each journeyer understands those words and concepts. When you engage in a shamanic session YOU become a shamanic shift center and living portal for inward spiritual change to grow into outward, everyday changes.

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