Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Universal neighborhood shamanism is my open-ended mission

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Where is this shamanic life journey leading? A shaman opens and keeps open connections between the ordinary and non-ordinary aspects of all that is for the purpose of catalyzing life-shifts for the better. That is what I am aiming to be and do.

A shamanic understanding paradoxically encompasses and creatively combines, yet does not confound or confuse, diverse views and ways of experiencing reality - scientific, artistic, philosophical, and religious (and all the branches and subcategories thereof). I am called to practice shamanic ways as the most open, flexible, freeing spirituality and life-way possible.

A 'neighborhood shaman' lives a mission to embody this bridging of the outward, measurable material and the inward, intangible spiritual worlds as an individual center of ongoing shamanic shifting, of self and reality at once, on behalf of a particular local environment. For me, this is best done on a small scale, one to one, shift by shift.

A neighborhood shaman is also a 'universal shaman' who dreams up then radiates, flows, breathes, and acts out local changes to shift the whole universe, eventually, from the inside-out. A universal shaman is free to adapt to the present situation at hand for healing any transformation method, ancient to contemporary as well as invent new ones. This approach is the opposite of any sort of traditionalism or dogma or codified belief system.

I started living full-time, on purpose, as a neighborhood universal shaman over 20 years ago. I see more and more practitioners and organizations in the worldwide revival of shamanic ways developing and mixing and matching various characteristics of Large Group Awareness Trainings (LGATs) and related methods such as NLP, New Age or Wiccan or indigenous peoples' religions, esoterism and the occult, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAMs), and mass (or 'viral') marketing, all of which is OK by me.

But I am moving away from all of this, as I am pushed by Spirit and Spirits, towards "I don't know what to call it yet or ever!" except universal and neighborhood shamanism. So I am attempting to write an eBook about this when I can barely blog about it, LOL!

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