Sunday, May 03, 2009

Neighborhood shamanism and networking

"Relationships"Image by Targuman via Flickr

Through Shamanic Shift Center is Milwaukee I practice neighborhood shamanism - connecting with Spirit and Spirits in, as, through, and on behalf of beings, places, and situations closest to and spiraling outwards from the corner of East Knapp and North Astor Streets. Through online social networks I am being guided and nudged by Spirit and Spirits to find and shamanize within internet neighborhoods too.

I decided to stop resisting and go ahead and activate and re-activate profiles on other social networks besides Twitter, the site where I began 'social networking' in ernest. I am finding and befriending (or 'following' where that is the term, though I always mean 'befriend') but I am NOT going to disconnect with anyone who connects than 'un-friends' or 'un-follows' me.

I will keep following back when followed and unfollow who unfollows only on Twitter. Everywhere else I will rove around in open-ended darkness or light, and befriend whoever I meet and whoever greets me, and remain a friend. Well, I mean that I intend to make and keep cyber-friendships with as many as I can, to keep growing cyber-neighborhoods, and keep learning more about all of this can mean.

I have no vision yet about goodnesses or blessings that may come of this. I know I cannot post daily updates on so many services. For now I am being guided to keep connections open and wait for signs of desireable potentials and possibilites to energize.

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