Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Am I being called to fly from this crossroads?

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Who wants to host a contemporary resident neighborhood shaman...and Tortoise Cat colleague...and a rock and crystal 'garden' shamanic prayer-place? I have kept office and residential space-time in this building on the corner of N. Astor and E. Knapp Streets on the east side of Milwaukee, WI since 1997. This location was chosen by Spirit and Spirits but now it feels like a spirit-nudge to fly onward has begun.

So far no specific flight destination has been revealed. Only a few fleeting hints have flashed through my dreams.

I have begun questing a vision of the best next space-time coordinates for Shamanic Shift Center. Maybe this nudging into flight will turn out to be symbolic, metaphorical, psychological, and spiritual as in the past. Maybe a material move to another property and landlord in this neighborhood will be shown...or maybe a farther adventure.

I hope, if a physical move is being inspired, that the new location will have a few parking spaces officially or unofficially available nearby to encourage more visitors! Cheaper rent is not on my brainstorming list of attributes of the ideal new abode - just an affordable, competitive, and fair $amount-per-square-foot, depending...upon many variables.

My (as Companions Circle's and its central project Shamanic Shift Center's) current neighborhood and universal shamanic non-profit (501.c.3 approved) mission is:

-- keeping open a modern-day shamanic sanctuary and 'churchless church' (facilitating direct connecting with Spirit, allowing anyone to bypass religions, belief systems, and institutions)

-- ongoing shamanic shifting of self, neighborhood(s), world, and universe towards the better through daily and seasonal prayer-treatment and energy-healing periods and cycles

-- keeping demystified, universal, original, contemporary shamanic teaching and consultations accessible through open-ended, individualized mentoring (the oldest-fashioned 1 to 1 way)

-- non-sectarian spiritual, supportive, and self-change counseling or coaching (not necessarily 'shamanic') for anyone who needs and wants it

-- ceremonial and sacramental officiant services such as marriage (and handfasting and LGBT unions until laws change), dedications, consecrations, initiations, blessings, baptism, creating sacred space-time, rites of passage, and more

-- and even more...that is, some other functions and things that are not occurring to me while I write this

So I am blogging today about this quest and question - to fly or stay here - to open up my mind, heart, and gut more, to whatever I am being nudged towards. Bring it on, Spirit and Spirits!

Another nudging I am (still) noticing...Find a creative, do-able way to renew my ministry to General Mitchell International Airport (GMIA). While I worked there for several years, pre- and post- 911, I was able to provide ad hoc travelers' aid and unofficial chaplaincy services...and entertain spiritually.

Maybe I'm being called back to the GMIA main concourse, to hang-out 1 day/week. I have been shamanic journeying on this question since I left formal employment there for full-time self-employment here.

I see myself in the middle of the airport, being of service again, in impromptu and unexpected ways, through brief encounters as before, but differently, with many more restrictions since I no-longer work on on the premises. I know I am also called to write a book, eventually, about my 'shamanic' (and exciting and funny) ground handling (airport 'ramper') experiences. Being there regularly might help move that cause out of the dream stage.

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