Monday, April 06, 2009

Nightly whirlwind prayer circles around the earth

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An opt-in mission for Spring: Since the 24 hours of Earth Hour 2009, March 27-28th, a circle of three within our loose net of circles has been shamanic journeying around the world nightly, just before dropping into sleep, together in Spirit and shamanic states of consciousness, though apart in ordinary-reality. Our purpose is helping work wonders behind the scenes of all kinds of troubled situations, individual to global, wherever help is being called for, without having to know specifics.

The March 27th Friday night circle's whirlwind, pulsing wave, kaleidoscopic, round-the-world in rainbows shamanic journeys for Earth Hour, which were more like wild rides, were calling for more journeying on the journeys. But few answers or specific messages have been received since about what we envisioned and all we continue to see, hear, and sense with all our senses. There is only the understanding that we can opt in and continue these travels for a season as self and world prayer-shifting.

From the powerful energy of these voyages, I sense the involvement of many more shamanic shifters. It feels to me as if a universal circle of shamanizers is revolving with us, circles of circles of circles inter-spiraling. Our little circle may be flowing and blowing as an eddying stream of prayer and healing within a momentous current that keeps on welling and rising up as the life forces of bands of benevolent beings from everywhere join in.

The theme for the April 3rd Friday night circle was passage through the waters of death, dying, new life, and resurrection and onward as the spirit winds of change. For western Christians who celebrate the yearly liturgical cycles and stories this week is Holy Week. The churning waters of death of matter and energy are the breaking waters of continuous birth for each new NOW.

My theme for Lent, the 40-day (or so) season of lengthening day light, has been lightening up. This coming holy week is my chance to recapitulate, re-activate, then release my Lenten thought, word, and action process.

All of space-time is always holy to shamanizers, naturally. Yet, paradoxically, it is powerful fun to single-out favorites for special attention.

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