Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Green shamanic dreaming

infinite light, green nebulaImage by neoliminal via Flickr

At the Friday night shamanic circle: I shamanic journeyed as I drummed for the others. I was seeking a healing, transforming, and divining vision of Green Synergy.

Our circle's Spring theme is Green Synergy. I desire the harmonious, beautiful re-unity of green flows and patterns through my self, this neighborhood, and the world. I expect new earthy, hearty, successful, going, growing, life sustaining, now enhancing eco-spiritual patterns and flows to show soon.

This shamanic journey became a deep, vivid, ecstatic dream! I climbed a tall Oak tree and it's branches grabbed and rocked me, swinging me in wider and wider arcs, until it hurled me powerfully into outer space then way beyond the middle worlds. I felt I was moving near light speed as I soared through several membranes - of dimensions, levels, and otherworlds - until I slowed enough to gaze around at glittering, non-ordinary starry expanses.

Soon I realized I was approaching a fantastical, improbable, and wonderful Green Cow Nebula. This Green Cow Nebula was dancing and singing. Maybe I will trance-dance later to remember more of this improbable performance.

The spiral-whirling, vibrating vortex mouth of this celestial green cow drew me nearer and nearer then sucked me in whole. But soon I began to be chewed to bits by titanic teeth and primal forces. Then I was swallowed and a long, energetic, pulsing digestive process began.

This Green Cow Nebula has 13 stomachs, one for each color of the rainbow (with its contrasts, complements, shades, and tints flashing though) and 3 extra stomachs which appeared to feature green to blue-green wavelengths and lush vegetation, and the final (finale) stomach full of single, double, triple, and quadruple rainbows that were also rivers or bridges or ships and many other shifting shapes! I passed through all of these stomachs and on and on through a resounding, disorienting darkness...until...Well, let me put it this way....

A sudden, stupendous, blast of WIND puffed me all the way back to ordinary reality, where I was delighted to find I was still drumming for the Friday night shamanic circle!

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