Thursday, April 16, 2009

A green shamanic costume, of many shades, tints, and intensities

a fragile life on earth (earth day 2008)Image by jmtimages via Flickr

Our circle is shamanizing Green, in green, all April! Changing reality for the better though costume and color shifting is another of the more fun ways of taking shamanic action around a situation in need of help.

Earth Day is April 22. Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson instituted this holiday of awareness and environmental teaching in 1970. Over the years Earth Day has become more and more political and social activist.

But there was already the 'Vernal Equinox Earth Day' being celebrated around the world at the tipping points of northern hemisphere mid-Spring or southern hemisphere mid-Autumn, the traditional and seasonal periods of spiritual and material transition and transformation, of beginnings and endings, of reaping and sewing. At a UNESCO conference on the environment in 1969 peace activist John McConnell introduced the concept of celebrating, officially, a global, equinoctial Earth Day. This other Earth honoring holiday was celebrated in many cities and communities in the United States and elsewhere during the 1970s and became the United Nations Earth Day.

My response to there being two Earth Days is "Hooray, TWO Earth Days!" But having two Earth Days seems like less rather than more to many and has generated controversy and division among green-folk.

I researched and found out that, among Green Folk, there are light greens, lite greens (as in green-washers), dark greens, and bright green (technogaian) environmentalists. I'm sure there are more kinds of greens besides these. So a Spring 2009 theme for our circle is GREEN SYNERGY.

Let us costume ourselves re-creatively, inside and out, in many tints, hues, saturations, and brightnesses of green. Let us re-unify green wavelengths, frequencies, and energies within each of ourselves in our shamanic dances, songs, and stories, each in our own ways. Let us splash green's complementary and contrasting colors into the mix, too - intentionally, playfully, and powerfully.

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