Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Great expectations in the mythic holy weeks of April

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April, the month of great expectations: That is what I, Teal Talking Raven, am calling it this year. I know that this Spring might be called a season of destruction and death for all the recent catastrophes and killings in this country and around the world, but I choose to focus on redemption.

Western Christian Holy Week which began on Palm Sunday, April 5th, overlaps Jewish Passover which begins at sundown tonight, April 8th, and lasts until next Wednesday, April 15. I like to look for resonances and correspondences between holy days across religions and traditions. So I sit alone and ponder this generous week of holy days.

In my shamanic prayer-shifting for the best reality and world for all, the Holy Week themes of 'unexpected shifts' and 'extremes' (such as from ecstasy to despair and back to victory) and 'great expectations' are juxtaposing entertainingly with Passover's themes of 'freedom' and 'signs and wonders' and 'exodus from exile'. Sacred eating, transformational dying, power shifting miracles, and traveling companionship going forward to a better new life are the attention and energy patterns I notice being woven and flowed onward through both myths.

holy week - passoverImage by geoffandsherry via Flickr

By myths I mean great transformational stories told and passed down among whole peoples, that happen on many levels, beyond ordinary-reality histories. 'Myth' is one of my favorite paradoxical words, meaning all at once, It never happened AND It happened more than one way AND It keeps on happening in every possible way.

Real myths are fantastical yet they are ultra-true. A myth is a Big Dream that keeps on coming true forever, through individual and worldwide circumstances and events. The more myths get debunked the more they come true, through sub-atomic quantum to universal cosmic level ordinary, extraordinary, and non-ordinary means.

Anyway, I find myself rambling. So I shall close after adding that after this mystical, magical week (with bonus days) of wondering over spiritual and natural Mysteries of life and Spring and everything, I hope to arise and go outside and find myself amid much warmer days. In my older age of becoming as a child so I can enter Heaven I also want to be able to stay outside longer to bask and play here on Earth.

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