Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Study natural science and shamanic journey to nature spirits

Description unavailableImage by Hillary the mammal. via Flickr

Matter and spirit are one, and two, and this is a wonder that shall never cease! Wonder can shift me into shamanic states of consciousness. In our circle's shamanic practice wonder and wondering connect science and spirituality, as well as art and philosophy.

I study natural beings, places, and phenomena scientifically first, then shamanic journey in Spirit to their Spirits, and relate to their spiritual realities and dimensions. I engage my intellect around any given topic first, until I am shifted into shamanic ecstasy by wondering and wonder.

Art comes next as I act out my shamanic experiences creatively, shifting back into ordinary reality. Philosophy brings me full circle as I continue to tie all of this together into higher, deeper wisdom, understanding, and knowing.

This is why so many of my Twitter tweets and Tumblr posts are links to science articles. I begin and end my shamanic journeying in space, time, matter, and energy.

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