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Shamanic journeying the vernal equinox energy-flow

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Shamanic Vernal Equinox: Our last Friday night shamanic circle happened on the day of the vernal equinox. The moment of the vernal equinox, when the Sun crosses the equator journeying northward, had happened much earlier, at 6:44am (CDT).

Three circle members who usually join in on Friday nights from their distances through intention and attention, had called to let me know they would be visiting in person. Then they called again to let me know they would be arriving about 45 minutes late.

None of our local circle members had called to let me know they would be attending. I already knew one neighborhood circle companion who attends very regularly would be away, spending more precious final days and hours with a dear dying friend.

The Friday night circle is usually small in numbers here at Shamanic Shift Center's sanctuary on the east side of Milwaukee but 20+ join in at a distance in Spirit, through non-ordinary reality, beyond limits of space and time, or even time zones, or even exact times. All beings of our circle are wondrously yet naturally entangled in spacetime and, likewise yet differently, all our journeys are creatively and spiritually woven together through non-ordinary reality.

So I decided to delay the formal circle opening until my visitors arrived. But well before dusk I opened the circle informally by walking around our neighborhood, greeting sprouting or budding plants, noticing as many signs of Spring as I could. Spring begins before the vernal equinox but the signs are beginning to be telltale now.

As the sun set, nearly due West, I reveled quietly yet ecstatically under the glowing sapphire sky and greeted Saturn, visible all March, and the Spring constellations, Cancer and Gemini, even though they wouldn't be visible until later in the evening. When it was 'mostly night' I went back inside, chilled and thrilled.

During the circle we shamanic-journeyed to re-dream and help redeem ongoing troubled world situations, of people, places, and events we see or hear or otherwise sense calling out for help, drawing our attention-spans to what appears to be extra suffering. The seasonal tipping of the balance towards fullblown Spring gave us an energetic boost.

I and several companions of our circle often pray shamanic shifting towards the better over media news as a regular spiritual practice. We notice current events then begin shamanizing soon to avoid getting caught up in taking sides or conjuring up shoulds. We ask Spirit and Spirits for a vision of healing for the situation of concern and all beings and places involved and then act upon what we receive.

At this circle our journeys took us in separate directions but ended with mask making. Each of us received a vision of a 'vernal equinox mask' with seasonal symbols and divisions.

My visitors were staying overnight in Milwaukee so we extended the circle past the usual telling of our shamanic journey stories and took a while constructing the masks we visioned. Mask making materials are always on hand here.

All four of our masks were divided into two main areas but not in the same way. Two masks were divided vertically, but one was divided horizontally, and one diagonally. All four masks included a penumbral or transitional area between a lighter and darker side.

After our masks were complete - or complete for the moment - we drummed, danced, and sang our closing of the circle as ceremony. When we close the circle as ceremony we visualize and express opening it outward into the world and activating and sending forth all the healing and transforming we received in Spirit.

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