Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March, Green Snake Month

green snakeImage by sssnole via Flickr

With the best of intentions Saint Patrick attempted to drive earth-centered green magic out of the 'good land' Erin or Ireland - which to me can be a metaphor for any land where I live and love. But already, before Saint Patrick's Day arrives each March 17th, sprouts, like eager, earthy green snakes start poking their heads through this land's thawing soil anyway.

Just for fun our circle decided to name March 'Green Snake Month' in honor of all kinds of green sprouts appearing now amid the chaotic looking, winter-worn, tattered, barren, or rotting remains of last year's cultivated or wild gardens. Gardens, cultivated or left wild on purpose, can also symbolize our lives, where we plant and grow dream-seeds.

Beginning stage buds are showing too, and some full-blown berries. Even though March looks - and often feels - like winter, I know Spring has sprung.

Naming March 'Green Snake Month' is also one more way to recall and renew shamanic shifting intentions to 'go green' in as many healthy ways as possible. Green stands for so many healthy thoughts and plans - going forward, growth, success, sustainability, and new life, to name a few of many more possibilites.

Green also stands for the plant realms of earth and the plentiful nourishment and myriad healing remedies trees, vegetables, flowers, roots, seeds, and herbs give humankind. When I remember Saint Patrick I decide to dream that this dedicated shamrock plucking preacher of the Christian trinity also incarnated re-creative green in his heart.

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