Monday, March 09, 2009

Hollowing self through rattling, dancing, and singing

Taino petroglyphs in a cave in Puerto RicoImage via Wikipedia

Getting hollow again...Hollowing. Hollowing helps a shamanizer be an open connection for intentional reality shifting by Spirit and the Spirits. The heart stays full of sunlight so courage grows while the rest of the self empties and goes dark.

These weeks of Lent, the season for lightening up, I am playing with the contrasting vision of hollowing myself out, shifting out of me what needs to be released into universal re-creativity, becoming an empty cave with secret passage ways out of the mountain into new directions, or an empty tomb with resurrection escape hatches. Letting Spirit move, I have been shaking 'whatever needs or wants to go' within me loose through dancing and rattling, then singing into any new hollow space I notice.

When images arise before me on the cave walls I notice, give thanks, and dance and rattle there until the pictures or symbols break up or fade. When I encounter beings I dance with them until they melt down or fly away.

I allow this shamanic hollowing process to continue during my dreaming by stating that I am doing so when I lie down after the mid-night prayer period. I add this more specific intention to my ongoing practice of offering all my sleeping and dreaming to Spirit and Spirits for beneficial life shifting.

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