Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour 2009 Shamanic Journeying

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Earth Hour question and quest: Was Earth Hour a cop out or greener-than-thou badge more than an effective or symbolic vote for earth? As usual there was plenty of discussion on Twitter around this question and around Earth Hour in general.

I am sure there was almost equal praising and panning of Earth Hour 2009 throughout social networks, forums, and blogs. Earth Hour was March 28, 8:30 - 9:30pm, anyone's time (and space) zone, and the global activity is turning out the lights. Then individuals and groups often planned other special activities, everything from energy healing to star gazing.

I imagine it was just as much a cop out or brag for some as it was a vote and creative act to others. If Earth Hour generated pro and con discussions, and gave voice to many views, certainly it deepened self-awareness and broadened learning all around, and thereby benefited the overall environment of Earth, no matter what.

As our circle opened last Friday night, March 27th, we realized that it was Saturday afternoon, March 28th in New Zealand already, and that Earth Hour was only several hours away when we considered the planet as a whole. So we shamanic-journeyed into the energy-flow of Earth Hour 2009 seeking new and better understanding and visions of the best ways of healing whatever ails this Earth our island home.

When we returned to ordinary-reality we discovered: No one of us had received any clear visions or specific messages about exact solutions, though we each journeyed in Spirit with our helping Spirits, through what seemed like ALL of the possible elements and realms and combination thereof. Our journeys were long and kaleidoscopic and gave each of us a sense of energy-flow and pattern shifts happening without imparting any detailed information.

With the shamanic journey process it often happens that one needs to journey or dream further on the chosen intention or on related topics. The vagueness and uncertainty around the meanings of our shamanic journeys are NOT indications that our connecting with Spirit and Spirits for earth-healing purposes was in vain.

We agreed to continue our journeys on Saturday night at 8:30pm (CDT) as our circle's Earth Hour action, in addition to turning out our lights and powering-down. We shall circle again on Monday night by phone to share our stories of this second round of Earth Hour shamanic journeying.

I powered down for Earth Hour and turned off the porch and common area lights of this east side Milwaukee office building. Night was darker than usual in Milwaukee during Earth Hour anyway, whether many lights were switched off or not, but not clearer, due to a wild, blowing storm of heavy snowfall!

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