Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Way of the Shaman Fool

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As an ecstatic, adventuring, entertainer, always wondering and wandering with intention, a Shaman Fool learns, through years long self-education all the skills, technologies, and tricks any competent, purposeful, shamanic practitioner needs to know, from all kinds of teachers. The shaman fool's teachers are Spirit and the Spirits, companions on the way, and all living beings. There are many shamanic curriculum and self-education outlines on the web. We like the Path of the Feather.

Spirit and the Spirits must stir your shamanic vocation and after you live through the tests of your calling, your real teachers for the rest of your earth journey and beyond are Holy Spirit and the Spirits of Life in non-ordinary reality and thoughout ordinary-reality everyday challenges, assisted by mentors and companions of all kinds around sacred circle spacetime.

If your hunger and thirst is for adventure, fun, and righteousness, nothing in the universe can stop you, shamanic FOOL!

A Shaman Fool is everyone's or anyone's apprentice on the road of universal life, though s/he may have special mentoring from all manner of teachers - sages, heros, other fools (wise or not), and subtle or notorious tricksters. The Shaman Fool is always being taught by spiritual companions who are taught in return. The Shaman Fool's spiritual companions are all the living beings most closely linked in h/is ordinary-reality thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds, who resonate most harmoniously or discordantly along h/er shamanic and life journeys outward and back.

Like all Shamans, the apprenticing Shaman Fool researches, reconciles, synergizes, and transcends as many as possible of h/er world's ancient to contemporary paradigms of art, science, and philosophy, while cultivating, deepening, and clarifying conscious connections with Spirit and Spirits. S/he keeps on adventuring life, always and all ways, conducting h/imself by the best codes of honor, courtesy, and ethics s/he knows, until all journeying days are over and done.

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