Friday, February 06, 2009

The Way of the Shaman Fool Continues

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Education in the School of the Shaman Fool is Self and Spirit directed. A shaman fool is like a feather or leaf on the cosmic winds - yet with attitude and purpose. Self-teaching takes place in all directions, levels, dimensions, realms, quadrants, and orders of reality. Shaman Fools remember and live...

F.U.N. N.O.W as Fun Freely Flowing and Unfurling Universal Unity aNew Now - No Other Way (but here and now)! Shamanic ways are for shifting, dreaming, dancing, and storying the moment of here and now anew, mystically and magically, and practically. A shaman fool turns inside-out and upside down to give all to receive all from Mystery, Life, and Spirit (as the Spirits), and lives it for giving it and forgiving all, again and again and again until The End.

Shaman fools like all shamans travel as prayer through HERE and NOW into all the realms of Spirit, Soul, Psyche, Energy, and Matter. Shaman fools rush on purpose through any mustard-seed or nano- sized spacetime gateway that winks open the HERE and NOW moment of reality-shifting power. Shaman fools, like all shamans, navigate life and mystery within and beyond everything, from greatest to least, to return with healing and transforming gifts from Spirit and the Spirits. While shamanizing, shaman fools go out of their way to live foolish wisdom.

Foolish Wisdom is flowing all kinds of energy everywhere and when, incarnating divine FUN experiences as new potentials and possibilities, and the now-power to dance them to life. Shaman fools voyage all levels, directions, quadrants, dimensions, realms, and orders of reality and never settle down on any branch or get comfortable in any niche. Shaman fools keep on adventuring, only resting and reveling two or three nights at any crossroads, until all wondering, shifting, dreaming, dancing, journeying, and jesting is storied to The End.

One of our shamanic teachers reminds us..."Most organized religious or published belief systems are sincere and powerful, yet usually fun suppressing, attempts by devoted followers to preserve the fruits of some Wise Fool's original, individual, FUN-filled direct experience of Spirit, of knowing and flowing the original, first to last laugh of universal, cosmic FUN. Yet the more the wise fool's followers organize what they heard and bundle up what they received, the further and farther they fall behind. All followers will catch up eventually, so never worry. No matter what, keep on, and keep the FUN!"

Shaman fools, like all shamans and shamanizers rattle, drum, sing, and dance themselves empty and open in the present moment at hand, heart, and mind, for Spirit and the Spirits to spiral blessings, graces, wonders, and gifts in and out of our world and the whole universe. At the deepest center of being and around the widest circle of all-that-is, all shamans and shamanizers encounter life as death and dying, and death as (perhaps) the most profound shapeshift to new life. Every shaman must know how to bring in the new and guide what is dying to the next, better (and best) new dreams and shapes.

A shamanic teacher and jester of our circle said..."If your way helps you laugh in the face of death, and then laugh right along with death, then that is a good way!" All shamans and shamanizers shift, dream, drum, and dance new life. The most serious of shamans and shamanizers express foolish wisdom and their solemnest rituals may look foolish to ordinary eyes. Shaman fools may go out of their ways to make bigger fools of themselves than other shamanizers.

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