Monday, February 02, 2009

Warmer memory: Tortoise Cat's garden inspection

The Tortoise Cat's daily garden inspection: I have been removing duplicated content and essays that will never be found and read from the static webpages. When I came across this old video in the context of today's bright midwinter-spring Groundhog Day crisp-shadow sunshine beaming through Shamanic Shift Center's east windows I decided to post it here.

So far all the videos I have posted to ShamanicWays - YouTube of the Tortoise Cat and Shamanic Shift Center's neighborhood are rudimentary. I have been practicing and testing for fun and for the sake of improving, eventually. I am still using a camera meant to take still digital photos that also has the capacity for shooting short video clips. The background noises from re-focusing are distracting, and then there is my breathing and the breezes!

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