Saturday, February 07, 2009

A shaman foolish poem

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Free Fooling

A Free-Verse Poem
by Teal Talking Raven

Shaman Fool,
act out of bounds...

show off the magical powers of pretend...

tell everyone how to break their bonds
and super-string harmonic connections from loosened bindings still knotted end to end.

Show how to dream adventurous shifts across dimensions and realms...
Tell how to quantum leap on purpose from either side of any polarity to its opposite,
entangled in paradox,

yet gracefully free to fly or take
this universal free

called LIFE!

Greetings Anyone! The recent Shaman Fool posts here stirred up this poem that isn't finished, and may never be finished. (If ever I do finish it I will post the rest.) BTW, over on our blog, Living SpaceTime Spiral Temple, is Chammy's free-verse New NOW Wings poem, also written today.

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