Sunday, February 15, 2009

Juxtaposing holidays for shamanic effect

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Greetings from Teal! Juxtaposing holidays for shamanic effect has been a favorite shamanizing trick passed down through generations in my shamanic family. When holidays, across religions, traditions, and cultures, fall on the same day or close, I shamanize with a synergitic boost from the alchemical blending and brewing of both or all of their archetypal and symbolic energy-flow patterns. When the juxtapositions are the most paradoxical, the spiritual boost is the greatest.

On Chammy's and my calendrics blog we link to many web resources for finding and connecting as many holy days or holidays as possible. Earth Calendar and Wheel of the Year are good examples.

This shamanic holiday energy mixing can be done in non-ordinary reality through a shamanic journey with your usual helping Spirits to any or many of the Spirits of the days you are linking. Spirits of the days can be Spirits of elements, minerals, plants, animals, humans, otherkinds, angels, and more, of course.

Within the shamanic journey (or dream or meditation if that is how you enter shamanic consciousness and non-ordinary reality) methods and techniques are given by Spirit. My intention is always to bring back transformations towards the better and healings where they are most needed - and to restore fun.

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