Friday, February 20, 2009

Dawning shamanic journey portal of planets

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Watch for a shamanic journey portal or vehicle of planets to appear at dawn Sunday or Monday!

I look to nature and the neighborhood for shamanic journey portals and vehicles to match my shamanizing intentions. Trees show many ways into the non-ordinary - downwards, upwards, or inwards. Hills and mountains or caves and tunnels all hold many perfect places for psycho-navigation and metamorphosis. Rivers (or storm sewers) can flow me into the spirit realms.

Twilight periods, dawn and dusk are especially conducive to consciousness and reality shifting. The horizon can be shamanic journeyed over and clouds can be ridden or merged with. Or an unusual stellar or planetary configuration might create a portal or vehicle for connecting with Spirit and Spirits.

At dawn Sunday and Monday, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and the Moon will appear in the southeast in apparent conjunction. If you can glimpse this gathering in the clear you can shamanic journey to or though this geocentric dream of convergence or allow new images for better life on earth to beam down from this beautiful sight.

Any remembered magical correspondences or mystical experiences relating to natural or neighborhood shamanic portals and prayer intentions can be used by Spirit and Spirits to give visions, gifts, or answers. But usually, lately, before I begin, I do my best to forget as much as I can of any and all such things.

Gazing deeply and intently into any given moment and any outward and visible sign thereof - element, rock, plant, animal, planet, or even human-constructed artifact - numbers or number juxtapositions or geometries might appear to you, attune you, stay with you, and form further shamanic links or gateways to Mystery, Spirit, and Shapeshifting. For shamanizers any number or combination of numbers can bring new connections between ordinary and non-ordinary for shamanic shifting purposes, according to resonance and the topic being shamanized.

Certain number configurations become meaningful to circles and eventually become popular. Shamanizing through number and geometry is best taught by Spirit and Spirits directly but writings on mathematics, number mysticism, numerology, and sacred geometry can give many hints.

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