Monday, February 23, 2009

Comet Lulin with Saturn then Carnival

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Hi! It's Teal, semi-retired blogger, here again. This weekend after southeastern Wisconsin's skies cleared, I, like others of this circle, spotted Comet Lulin through binoculars, during its present closet approach, about 38 million miles away (and already traveling on). I experience a deep childlike delight at such unusual, natural sights, even when I see but a faint wisp.

Now, even better, overnight, early tomorrow morning that is, folks under clear skies (and the almost dark Moon) who have access to a telescope might be able to see Comet Lulin with Saturn. I will be shamanic journeying for a confluence of Mardi Gras, Carnival, and Ash Wednesday transformational wisdom-power from this celestial coincidence.

The 24th of February is also the obscure, mysterious holy day Regifugium, the flight of the king (in Latin). This observance may be associated with the rites around sacred kings (or sovereigns, male or female), who played a shamanic role in the renewal of life for the land and the people.

Maybe the sacred sovereign was fleeing literal, physical sacrifice and a shaman-fool (clown as clone) had to play that part. Maybe Regifugium brings another job for a wise-fool, to sacrifice self yet live to tell the tale. This interpretation is only an imaginary speculation of mine, however.

This dream about the meaning of Regifugium came to me because this year it falls on the final day of Carnival, the celebration that means 'farewell to flesh' (also in Latin). So anyway, everyone: Happy Farewell to Flesh and Farewell to Tyrants (?) and Farewell to Comet Lulin!

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