Friday, February 13, 2009

Any moment can be a shamanic moment

salon mirrorImage by nerie via Flickr

Any moment can be a shamanic moment when I practice intention remembering. When I'm amid a shamanic journey I can become distracted. But this does not detract from the power of the shamanic journey. I simply shift attention and energy back to non-ordinary reality and recall and refocus upon my original shamanic journeying intention.

The power of a shamanic journey comes from Spirit and the Spirits and I provide intention, attention, energy-flow, and (first and last) permission for shifts for the better to shift into this world from the Spirit realms. As soon as I remember why I am shamanic journeying and continue the process, I usually notice that the distractions fit into the journey perfectly as part of the knowledge and healing or transforming power I am receiving from Spirit and Spirits.

Intention remembering along my ordinary reality everyday earth journey gets easier the more I practice doing it on shamanic journeys. Whenever I remember my purpose and reconsider any distractions happening in my world - challenge, trouble, detour, annoyance, or whatever - the spiritual powers and gifts of those seemingly sidetracked moments are revealed and given to me. This makes them the most power-full moments of the day.

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