Friday, January 30, 2009

Where are my Shamanic Ways definitions?

The Trickster Takes a HolidayImage by Dru! via Flickr

Why haven't I written many plainly worded 'what is' and 'how-to' paragraphs of information on shamanic ways? I teach as I am stirred by Spirit and Spirits in the moment, one on one. There are plenty of decent how-to books about shamanic ways that can prepare someone for individualized instruction.

What I have written I published on older, static html pages for anyone to find. Today at a meeting it was suggested that I would do better to publish everything here because not many are likely to click to inner website pages or scroll down those enough to read my short shamanic ways essays.

I don't want to duplicate content I have already published on the internet. My and our circle's working definition of shamanic ways is written on, our shamanic links portal. I will soon have more shamanic instruction organized on interlinked Squidoo pages. I will find what I have published and link it up in posts here.

I am considering importing the eBook notes I have written and collected so far at New Shamanics into this weblog then starting the eBook over again, attempting a more thrilling approach than the open-ended eBook-as-blog that I was attempting. This eBook will be downloadable as a PDF first then maybe published by a print on demand service. If /when I move those posts from New Shamanics I will shift it into the (new) shamanic links and books portal with book reviews for posts to keep Blogger's bots happy.

Blogger lost track of reviewing our disabled Widget-Fun-Store page! The trickster troubles with Blogger continue. Apparently Blogger lost our 10/23/2009 request for a review of the 'Fun-Widget-Stores' page so that URL is still disabled for being sploggish-looking to the bots, and seems to be back to square-one in the review process. I renewed the review request today when I noticed the reference to our previous review request had disappeared.

I don't know if I can trust Blogger with our content, considering what is happening - or not happening - with that situation. It is nothing personal - literally. (That is the trouble.) Maybe there is wisdom in weblog and webpage redundancy, after all. Maybe re-creative Trickster is just perched here in the middle of somewhere on a sign that is telling me exactly what I need to do!

More soon...

Update (31 January)...I am happy to see that the Widget page is back.

Last night I shamanic dream-journeyed to Trickster who showed me sign after sign. But none of the signs pointed anywhere. And all of these tricky dream-signs were written in other languages. And when translated, every one of these middle-of-somewhere signs read 'THIS IS A NEW SIGN! You can change its message by clicking 'Edit' and typing in your own words. Don't forget to click 'Save' when your done!"

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