Monday, January 12, 2009

Squirrel Appreciation Day is January 21

Eastern Gray Squirrel on snow–covered ground w...Image via Wikipedia Sweet - Another new holiday to celebrate! Following not long after the 12 Days of the Galapagos Pink Iguanas comes another holiday for Companions Circle to add to our official yearly 'liturgical' calendar - Squirrel Appreciation Day, celebrated on January 21st. Reading a very instructive Squidoo lens, Squirrels and Acorns, I found this out, plus a lot more about Squirrel (one of my first shamanic animal helpers)!

I have been paying close attention to the neighborhood squirrels this winter. Squirrels are the critter companions most responsible for making an impressive mess of the winter 'Critter Shrine' I opend in back of our space. The symbolic shrine markers were buried in snow and ice over a month ago but I keep on placing offerings of seeds, nuts, and carrots there for the squirrels, mice, sparrows, and bunnies, and for any hungry flying or crawling critter who stops by.

The Tortoise Cat doesn't walk on ice or snow but she enjoys several periods each day of watching the Critter Shrine show from the back step. Raccoons still stealth by the Critter Shrine on warmer nights. I hear the Tortoise Cat greeting them from her perch on the back window sill. But these urbanized raccoons bypass the Critter Shrine and head for the overflowing dumpsters closer to the front of the building.

The 12 Days of the Galapagos Pink Iguanas continue...the 2nd Day...the 3rd Day...the 4th Day...And here's the best picture I have found of the Galapagos Pink Iguana yet. On the 5th Day I gave 5 pink mini-gifts - such as pink candies, or marbles, or beads, or bookmarks, or tiny bells strung on pink pipe-cleaner) to strangers, as spontaneously and randomly as possible. But I forgot to tweet about that.

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