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Shamanic Dream With A Rock Buddy

Rock with erosion holes in itImage by Martin LaBar (going on hiatus) via FlickrRock-Buddy Shamanic Dreaming Technique: I discovered (re-discovered) this easy, simple technique when I was a child in kindergarten. It worked what seemed like miracles to my childish self, but were really just mini-shifts in my understanding, then the reality shifts that rippled out from those shifts, then new shifs outward, on and on, until, within a day or a week or so, the change was really amazing.

Whenever I was having difficulties with another kid (or group of kids) in the neighborhood or at school or with a teacher or with any situation I would practice this technique. At bedtime I would nestle a Rock Dream-Buddy under my pillow and sleep on it and the situation. I usually found a new Rock Dream-Buddy for each new trouble but some traveled with me a while.

Right after I found myself disturbed, disheartened, or disappointed by an encounter or challenge I would usually go wandering a while, sulking or fuming, yet seeking some solace, comfort, and calm. It was easy to join in companionship with an ordinary street or field rock that seemed agreeable, that just seemed to jump out at me, that seemed much friendlier and more trustworthy than my adversaries. The first time I remember doing this technique I found my Rock Dream-Buddy by kicking it along the gutter then picking it up.

For me the Rock Dream-Buddy technique works best with just the right 'just plain' rock that appears during the wandering period, lackluster at first glance, 1 to 3 inches in diameter, either erratic or smooth (or a little of both). But of course this plain, ordinary, lackluster rock that appears to be 'nothing special' gets noticed somehow and finds me as I plod along, consternating over whatever is bothering little 'ME' and confounding my present moment.

So the first step is wandering around mulling the trouble for a little while, until just the right rock shows up. If you decide to meet a Rock Dream-Buddy this step won't take long.

Then you ask the rock that you find, that finds you, for its assistance with the matter at hand. Wait for a good feeling and an unmistakable sense of permission to arise. Then, spend only a little while longer telling the rock about the trouble or challenge that is churning your gut, heart, and mind. Tell it to the rock as you would to any spiritual companion or confessor.

At the end of my story I listen for any response from my new Rock Dream-Buddy. Often the rock just receives my story and gives back a refreshing silence. I then usually put the rock into a pocket and keep it with me and do my best to return to the natural, business flow of my day.

When I go to bed I put my new Rock Dream-Buddy under the pillow with my spiritual intention that this bothersome trouble improve for me and for everyone involved. That is it.

With this technique by it is not necessary to lucid dream or incubate or remember or interpret dreams. One can practice any other dream methods or techniques along with this one without confusion (because intentions are woven together in Spirit). But nothing further is required in thought, word, or action for this Rock Dream-Buddy technique to work wonders - except as much faith, hope, and love you can muster or ask ask your angel to generate on your behalf.

The next day - even if you hardly sleep, even if you are convinced you didn't dream, or if you remember nothing - you will notice a shift in the situation you and the Rock Dream-Buddy were dream-shifting in Spirit. And if you ride that tiny shift happily into the new day it will stir up more (and bigger) shifts, some subatomic and some gigantic, some gradual and some drastic, some obvious and some subtle.

Depending upon your agreement with the Rock Dream-Buddy, you can return the rock to where it came from, or place it where it wants to go next (determining this through gut and heart communication). Or maybe you will keep this Rock Dream-Buddy with you a while longer, and the two of you might dream together again, as Spirit moves in and around the situation.

The Rock Dream-Buddy is another earth traveling companion who brings a different perspective to any matter at hand. And where 2 (or 3 or more) earth-journeying companions agree to dream together, Spirit and Spirits can shift reality (by even a mustard-seed sized loophole bit of permission) from within their midst. That is just one of my theories about how this simple, too-easy Rock Dream-Buddy shamanic technique might work.

But knowing how this technique works - or how any shamanic or spiritual technique or method works - is entirely optional, in my opinion, and may also be impossible. Often I like to speculate for fun, as an extra, for entertainment purposes only.

Does it make any difference if the Rock Dream-Buddy is erratic or smooth? For me the more pointy or erratic the rock the more my dream-shift tends to be about understanding other points on the matter or being surprised by novel approaches that seem to poke into my mind. If the rock is mostly smooth and shiny, my shift tends to be more about things being smoothed over mysteriously ahead of my next encounter, or more about my being able to 'see the light' or 'make light of it' suddenly.

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