Monday, January 26, 2009

Prayer-Request Shout Out

Votive CandlesImage by Lawrence OP via Flickr For any who are joining in the circle's daily prayer-shifting periods: Our Prayer-Request List is still the ShamanFooling Shrine and we have unofficially adopted the Twitter Shrine as our Prayer-Request List 2. Now (as some of you already know) there is also Prayer Request List 3.

A few days ago, as part of my Squidoo project and Twitter networking, I built a TwttrStrm Prayer-Request ShoutOut. So please, bookmark it and check it for new prayer-requests.

It is OK to add what is posted there to one or both of the other two shrines and I will usually do so, but it is now officially Part 3 of our circle's Prayer-Request List, to be checked daily by participating circle companions and passed through our ordinary and non-ordinary (as well as cyber-) inter-net. The hashtag for searching for Twitter posts to the TwttrStrm prayer-list is #Shift8List.

It hasn't caught on yet, but who knows? OK, I just wanted to make a TwttrStrm page and now there it is!

Tricster Blogger troubles continue: I have delinked our Blogger-bot disabled (un-blog) Widget-Store-Fun page because a human being at Blogger still has not reviewed it for splogginess. A widget page certainly seemed like a clever way to keep our favorite 'foolish fun stuff' while getting this page to load faster. Now, instead, I will continue to recovering the widgets and see if spreading them out over the other pages works as well.

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