Saturday, January 24, 2009

Learning from the Crab one way or another

Fiddler crab (Uca pugnax) from NOAA CSC. :en:d...Image via Wikipedia Hi every one from Rezzee! I am semi-retired from blogging and the internet but here I am again anyhow. I imported all my blogs posts over here and I am still deciding whether or not to delete my old blog.

Chammy, Crabbee, Alan, and Sharon and I imported all our individual Blogger posts into the circle's blogspot here. And we were saying amongst ourselves that we would eagerly delete our separate blogs, except that (so far) we are unable to find out if those URLs can be claimed by someone else if we delete. How ironic to be pseudonymous yet be concerned about what might affect our (or our circle's) reputations!

Of course someone grabbing our old blogspot URLs seems unlikely but it did happen with the blogspot of someone I know. He changed blogspot URLs and a really offensive splog sprouted there in just a day. And Google's bots didn't do anything about it for a long while even though it was reported as a splog by humans. Yes, I am crabbily annoyed to notice that Google's bots so quickly flagged and disabled our fun widget page - with Flickr, News, Geo-url, and Amazon - as a possible splog while leaving that real nasty splog alone for so long. But I do really like bots and I am very happy that Google is fighting splogging.

Once before Google flagged and disabled several of our individual and team blogs because they were all interlinked, back when several of us were highly enthused about creating a shamanic blogging network. Even though Google restored everything in about a week, after that I found I was already ready to retire from blogging.

Anyway, besides all that, I logged on here to say...I went web surfing, fishing for lessons being learned from Crab, one of my favorite shamanic spirit helpers. I found marine biologists learning about memory and a poker player learning cleverness and skill from the crab fishers on the television series Deadliest Catch.

The biology article with advanced science lessons is way too technical for me but it brings up 'deep memory' as a theme to explore further. The poker article is easily accessible and lists life lessons that can apply to any ordinary pursuit or passion.

A G-search on Deadliest Catch brings up a page of interesting looking links where more crabby or fishy wisdom might be found. Learning from Crab by watching Crab or by catching, killing, and eating Crab both can be shamanic ways to learn. Shamans learn from life and death, and especially from death.

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