Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How do shamanic shifters go green?

Solar panels for generating electricity, part ...Image via WikipediaHappy Inauguration Day, everyone! I just received an email requesting that I blog about Real Green's 7 Fixes towards a green economy. Reading their list and agenda leads me back into wondering over a wider, bigger picture of what it means and can mean to 'go green' and what individual shamanic shifters can and are doing to live greener.

Green symbolizes eco-friendliness and earth-centering. Yet green also means GO and brings up many more categories, themes, and topics: nature, growth, prosperity, desire, freedom, heartiness, the tree of life, just to name several through free associating in the moment. Shamanic shifters go green in light of the biggest picture possible, from the center of each individual's moment to moment everyday circumstances.

How do you go green? When I search Twitter for 'go green' an amazing, even confusing, (collective?) consciousness stream of tweets arise, and that is just one perspective. But in shamanic consciousness many weirdly juxtaposed and paradoxically diverse dream, desire, and thought beams and streams are weaving together in and as Spirit and Matter, beautifully and practically.

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