Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Epiphany concludes my winter festivities & dream-play

EpiphanyImage by Lawrence OP via FlickrOrdinary-reality takes hold again tomorrow morning! The Epiphany star of consciousness has been activated over the divine birth and dwelling place within. Tonight I will shamanic dream-journey to Wise Ones to bring back power-gifts.

Shamanizers - and anyone - can dream on purpose all year round, of course. But during the darker days and longer, colder nights of winter, dreaming and feasting happen naturally. I am happy that throughout the year holidays of fun solemnity give us more dream-breaks from ordinary spacetime.

I edited and added on to my Intent.com Winter Solstice post, expressing that for me, Winter is the Year's Night, beginning on All Hallows Eve - Samhain as the year's Vespers. For me the seasonal and daily shamanic prayer-shift cycles correspond.

With Epiphany passing tonight, the year's dawn period of preparation for ordinary-reality productivity starts first thing tomorrow. Yet there is always room for play in the wheels of life.

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