Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cloudy and frozen winter life shines inner light

Frozen life forms - lavender on our balconyImage by sharon.schneider via Flickr Greetings to all from Chammy! I stopped by Wisdomology to read the latest wise words on the pages of a few circle companions who opened accounts there. I do not have a Wisdomology account myself because a several weeks ago I semi-retired from the internet after realizing I preferred 3-D, fleshy, ordinary-reality.

A few years ago I enthused myself over the world wide web and signed up for too many things, then let them lapse, then abandoned most. As far as the cyber-shamanzing goes I burned myself out rather rapidly.

On Elizabeth's Wisdomology page I noticed this (new to me) quote by Albert Camu about summer burning within winter. These words sparked wondering recognition in me!

Now that I am older-aged I feel that I glow brighter and hotter with happy appreciation of everything, day by day throughout winter, as if a sun were indeed shining relentlessly deep inside me. I think that really, a sun is somehow shining deep inside me, physically and psychologically as much as mystically.

The best part: This growing winter sun within me seems to connect directly with thousands, maybe millions, of other suns shining back at me from within every dormant, or struggling, or dead, or thriving snow or ice covered winter form. This is some of the best fun yet that has happened from my living as a shamanic fool.

Yes, I allow for a few moments of mild disappointment on days when it's too cloudy here in southeastern Wisconsin to see amazing space-weather sky-shows. But my inner-sun glows on through it all anyway.

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