Thursday, January 01, 2009

Another resolution: When in doubt create a shrine!

Pagan ShrineImage by onbangladesh via FlickrNew Year's Day 2009 is almost over! My New Year's resolving began on the Winter Solstice. Now at the final hour I am adding an extra New Year's resolution.

Whenever I encounter something that needs shamanic prayer-shifting, or any situation or event that troubles me especially, or that I am tempted to take sides over, I shall create a shrine for it, then and there, to hold and conduct shamanic prayer intention, attention, and energy-flow for change towards the better. And I shall place a connecting token of each of these 'current events or situations' shrines in Shamanic Shift Center's sanctuary.

For me a shrine is a mini-sanctuary, either standing alone or incorporated within a larger sanctuary or temple. I usually use the word sanctuary instead of temple but for me both mean a stretch of spacetime enclosed, set-aside, then opened for sacramental purposes and processes, that is, for joining the non-ordinary (inward and unmeasurable) and the ordinary (outward and measurable). A shrine holds the holy within the ordinary too, but it can be the size of a small box, or be room or building sized.

My resolution calls for making impromptu, ad hoc, mini- or micro- shrines out of found materials and symbolic objects that are handy on the spot. It will be OK if these shrines are disturbed or destroyed afterward. It will be OK if they go unnoticed by anyone else. The moments of intention, attention, and energy spent creating each one of these situation or event shrines and placing a token of remembering in our circle's center will be enough to fulfill this New Year's resolution and keep this shamanic practice.

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