Thursday, January 08, 2009

12 Days of the Galapagos Pink Iguanas (THX to Twitter's @z1444z et al.)

Land IguanaImage by abmiller99 via FlickrCompanions Circle celebrates as many holidays as possible and we do invent mini-holidays year round. But we we haven't yet invented any official public holidays. Here is my credit where credit is due for the invention of a joyous new holiday this wonderful new year! Here is the story:

Last night I was charmed at Twitter, reading tweets by "Theater Artist, Educator, Mask Maker and Performer, Storyteller, Chinese flute and Hulusi player, Foreign Language Podcast & TV Addict, Kale and Chard fan" @z1444z who had just tweeted "I am celebrating the discovery of the Galapagos pink iguana. I think I will build an entire holiday around it....Maybe a pink iguana pinata would be good, too, as well as some rousing pink iguana songs. I feel inspired....Ya, ya, iguana. Ya, ya, iguana. Pink pink pink pink. Ya ya iguana. Ya ya iguana. Pink pink pi-ink. (with maracas, of course)." I retweeted and a little conversation happened.

Further tweeting on this topic among @z1444z and me and @sheephogan and @sheephoganess and omnivateLLC led to January 7 being suggested (by @z1444z) then declared to be - from now on - the first holiday of The 12 Days of the Galapagos Pink Iguanas. So, one and all, you are hereby invited to revel in, with, through, and as GALAPAGAN IGUANAN PINKNESS, each in your own ways, during this and the coming days of Pink Galapagos Iguanas holiday(s).

I am constructing a Galapagos Pink Iguana costume so I can more ecstatically rattle and dance into the re-balancing, healthy, happy harmonies, rhythms, and resonances of the energy-flows of hearty, enthused galapagan pink-iguanimity. Who wants to join in? If you do, be encouraged and get inspired - help this fun new holiday catch on!

After all, Galapagos Pink Iguanas just HAD to be discovered on the family tree of life, right? The Galapagos Pink Iguanas must be the perfect balance for all the grace-full green iguanas of the universe - yeah, right.

Tangentially related through Twitter: More balanced eco-friendly pink and green can be readily absorbed at by @SageMcGreen.

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