Saturday, December 06, 2008

Winter Resolutions and Shifting Dreams

Maple and Oak (broadleaf, deciduous) forest in...Image via WikipediaGreetings from Elizabeth: I make resolutions for Winter Solstice instead of New Year's Day, not that I make Winter Resolutions every year. I rarely make more than one resolution.

This month I am resolving to update this blog and our circle's other blogs and web portals more often! When this blog and our other online projects began, a circle of us were dreaming of blogging up a storm of shamanic shifting. For a while we did and it was fun.

By now it is obvious that this dream has shifted, and is still shifting. By now many of the weblogs and other web presences we opened have been abandoned - left up as archives or references or even deleted - and a few are kept only for special purposes. Updating has been less and less frequent. But...

I know I am called by Spirit and Spirits more and more to cyber-shamanizing, through blogging and networking and other ways, even through shamanic journeying the internet itself. New potentials and possibilities thrill and dazzle every day.

However I understand and accept that the other authors listed here, my oldest circle companions, are being drawn towards hermetic solitude and anonymity and are desiring to live ordinary-reality 'situation shamanization' in animal, vegetable, and mineral spaces, rather than cyberspace. After the Friday night shamanic circle we gathered by conference call and discussed our circle's internet mission then we shamanic journeyed or dreamed on it.

Our consensus: They all shall stand fast - each in their ways, from their locations - behind my public shamanic ministry as long as I am called to it by Spirit and Spirits. But I will be doing most of the blogging and cyber-shamanizing from now on. Whenever I shamanize, here in Milwaukee or through the cyber-realms, I notice their wise, strong, childlike presence(s) supporting me. So they all will be flowing blogging energy my way too even if they seldom post paragraphs.

All of their blogs shall remain on the sidebar here as archives unless anyone decides to delete. And any of them may blog here or on our other circle blogs occasionally, when and if stirred to by Spirit and Spirits. These elders of mine are withdrawing from cyberspace but they want me to branch out and reach out even more through the cyber-realms.

Today I reactivated my participation in some blogging networks. Last month I began organizing some shamanic and related content as Squidoo Lenses and I plan to construct many more. I am rattling, drumming, and singing Winter Resolution 2: I resolve to dance all over and around the internet this coming year.

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