Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Shamanic shopping, continued...

Baby its cold outsideImage by Claudia Castro via FlickrGreetings from Elizabeth! Lately I have begun my posts this way so folks subscribing through the RSS feed know what they're in for. No, just kidding.

It is mainly because I consider greetings important, especially on the internet and this is my current favorite way to greet, up front. When I shamanic journey I greet every being I encounter in my name. In-person, because my face can smile and I can make eye-contact, I usually greet informally.

Shamanic Shopping: A while back I posted about buying harmlessly or as harmlessly as possible, being guided by Spirit situation by situation. I remember requesting thoughts, suggestions, and recommendations. But no one has responded so far.

Well this blog doesn't top the charts yet and that was a tricky subject so I am not surprised or dismayed by the lack of response. It was not exactly a rhetorical question, though.

I consider and reconsider the concept - and process - of buying as harmlessly as possible during every shopping session. I do my best to remember that shopping sessions can be shamanic sessions if I connect to Spirit and Spirits over my purchases. 'Shamanic shifting my shopping' is one of my daily spiritual exercises.

Money - the main means of exchange in our world and perhaps the most powerful, contemporary symbol of prosperity, and even of life-blood - consists just as much of energy as it does of matter so conscious shopping is 'energy work'. Shopping on purpose can be a way of ordinary-reality shamanic journeying too.

There is nothing un-sacred or evil about money. Money is as magical as anything.

Money flows around but is not consumed. It allows, facilitates, and catalyzes much of the kindness, generosity, creativity, and purposeful action towards better and best that is already and always shamanic shifting our world.

Here is another simple, hot drink: This is not a complete changing of the subject. A while ago I started researching in earnest how chicken products are brought to market. Also circle companions have sent information and links my way about this over the years. (Thanks everyone!)

I found - to my sorrow - that most of chicken products are produced harmfully and inhumanely. This is often true even when labels try to assure otherwise. Read more about this here.

It is simply unacceptable to live a situation shamanizing, shamanic shifting life and buy into wanton, greedy cruelty towards other companions of the sacred earth circle of life. Yes, in nature all beings in some way consume other beings, and nature's processes are often as harsh as they are harmonious, a great paradox. But knowingly choosing inhumane treatment of animals, even indirectly by opening my wallet, is egregiously un-shamanic behavior, even anti-shamanic behavior.

So, among other changes, I decided to stop buying chicken products altogether, even chicken stock and bouillon, unless I knew for sure that the chickens involved were able to lead normal, chickenish, family farm lives.

Aside: I am someone who does not see vegetarianism as the answer to this problem but I understand that for many living vegetarian or vegan is an answer, or the answer, or even the obvious answer to the problem of preventing inhumane treatment of animals for the sake of food production. I do respect these lifestyle choices as do-able, decent, honorable answers, as I keep on requesting ongoing guidance from Spirit and Spirits specific to my life and calling on this earth. I am one who counts on there being many, many right answers and perfect solutions for every problem.

Still, last week during a single-digit temperature day and night, I found myself craving the simple, hot, salty 'chicken soup comfort drink' I had grown used to quick-fixing. I was thrilled to discover that vegetarian vegetable bouillon works just as well for a quick, non-caffinated winter warm-up.

Now I severly crush a clove of fresh garlic, plop it into a huge mug with the vegetable stock (if I made any) or bouillon cube or powder, and pour on boiling water, while blessing any being, place, event, or situation that is drawing my attention in the moment. The 'vegetable soup cure' for the chills works just as well as chicken soup, thank Spirit and Spirits!

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