Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sending cards as an easy reality-shift

bChristmas cards with angels, scandinavian “nis...Image via WikipediaGreetings from Elizabeth!

Today on Twitter I received a message from a new contact who began a campaign to get Christmas cards sent to her friend Jo this year, who may be dying. Read about this story here.

I keep a stack of beautiful, unusual blank cards (made from recycled or renewable materials) on hand and transform each to match the occasion being celebrated through an individualized, handwritten note. Shamanic shifting prayer or blessings, (invisible to ordinary-reality eyes) visioning, imagining, or dreaming the best can be added to greeting cards through breathing or many other rituals.

Years ago I stopped trying to send cards to everyone I know. I used to botch the task somehow every year then feel bad about that. When I grew well I gave up the practice. What a relief!

For anyone who can manage a long greeting card list, sending out caring cards on sacred occasions is an honorable, commendable way to stay in touch, season to season or year to year. And anyone who finds fun in sending out lots of greeting cards gets 5 gold stars in the halo from me!

I now send a few to several greeting cards over the Winter Holy Days and Festivities. Maybe I will do better in seasons and years to come - and enjoy it. Now I send a card whenever a situation arises before me and calls for it, as a simple, do-able, purposeful reality-shifting action, when it seems most likely to bring a noticeable little bit more happiness, fun, and hope into our world.

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